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cloth face mask
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Women's Mask (Pack of 5 of a kind)

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If you are an absolute fan of a color or a style, feel free to order 5 of a kind and make it your style statement.

In our Buy One Give One campaign, for every purchase you make, we donate a mask to the needy. 

These masks are handcrafted by our very talented sample maker, Surbhi Shukla (learn more about her on Your Impact page).

Our masks are:

  • Socially and Environmentally sustainable 
  • Two Layer Protection
  • Soft and Breathable 
  • Dimensions (free size): Stitched Side: 3.5", Centered Width: 5.5", Length: 7.5", Elastic length (each side): 6"
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Materials Used: Cotton Woven Fabric OR Cotton Embroidered Fabric OR Organza Embroidered Fabric 

Buy one now and keep yourself SAFE and help others keep safe!! 

Please refer to Disclaimer Page for masks for more details.