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Introducing the Throw - The Ultimate Accent for Your Home!

The Throw elevates your bedroom, living room, or family room. Carefully crafted to match your unique vibe.


We take pride in using only upcycled fabrics for our throw, crafted with a mix of high-quality fabrics, laces, and trims, ensuring comfort, durability and impact. 

Styles/How to use:

  • Versatile accent for sofa or bed, adding elegance and coziness to living room or bedroom.
  • Timeless design complements any interior style.
  • Suitable for patio furniture, eliminating the need for multiple products.


Our throw goes beyond decor! Crafted with love by skilled women artisans in an all-women production house, each purchase empowers this community of talented women.

This throw also has a positive environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability has reduced waste during production, with 5 meters saved for every throw made, contributing to a greener planet.

Choose the Throw for artisanal craftsmanship that enhances your space and makes a difference. Elevate your home decor with style, sustainability, and social responsibility.

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